"From light we come, and to light we go.

From the light of this understanding I moved against the human aberration of War
and followed its tribal roots down into the dark bowels of recorded history and beyond.

Never did I imagine such an incredible journey."

Stan Hall

Lest We Forget!

Scottish engineer Stan Hall – was born in Edinburgh and raised in nearby Dunbar a few doors from the birthplace of conservationist John Muir. As a nine-year old in 1945, newsreels of blitzed cities and concentration camps opened his mind to a vision of two kinds of people in the world – in every sense of the words – Builders and Destroyers!

In parallel with university studies and an interdisciplinary career in building, he explored ancient engineering, civilizations and mytho-history, concluding that South America is the 'Missing Page of Prehistory' and 'Interplanetary Catastrophism' the missing link in the Creation – Evolution controversy.

Tayos Caves Expedition 1976

In 1976 Hall catalysed a landmark expedition to the Cave of the Tayos in Ecuador involving a dozen institutions, joint special forces, and astronaut professor Neil Armstrong as Honorary President and participant. With a scientific framework installed he later turned to Erich von Däniken's report of a Metal Library allegedly found in the caves by Juan Moricz in the mid-1960s, something unacceptable within an orthodox view of global history and absence of any ancient script in South America.


So began a personal odyssey to the heart of global enigmas – the Creation process, origins of mankind, the Golden Age of Saturn, the destruction of Atlantis, Ptolemy's lost city of Cattigara, the sudden rise and fall of wonder civilizations, and the subliminal 'lemming factor' inherent in the collective consciousness of Mankind – enigmas he found unified by Interplanetary Catastrophism as the missing link of prehistory, part of a chain that now includes the metal library of the vanished South American Empire of Tayhuantinsuyu!



"Do not expect perfection in this story.
I have never believed in the possibility of exactness.
There are no straight lines in Nature therefore only by a series of approximations
do we perceive truth.

I have tried to perceive truth through simplicity,
for simplicity is the essence of truth,
and sustains it.

And I have tried to achieve this in the knowledge and spirit
that it is not enough to earn a living but to earn a life worth living."

Stan Hall


Stan Hall with Neil Armstrong - 1976




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